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Nature Natural Inc, USA; Bael Dried Fruits Powder, Beal Leaf Powder certified organic from India, in USA. We are Bael (Agele marmelus) suppliers to some leading Organic Farming, Organic Processing and Private Label Manufacturers, distributors and manufacturers at USA and Middle East Countries. Our Bael (Agele marmelus) certified organic from India, in USA is collected from the Tribal cultivators of India. Bael (Agele marmelus) is cleaned, dried in our processing unit and packed in 25 Kg HDPE bags for export. Demand for Bael is slowing rising due to increasing awareness in Natural therapy to prevent constipation, improve digestive process, improved assimilation with the regular use of Bael fruit powder. Bael leaf powder is used for promoting Respiratory Health. Our Bael (Agele marmelus) undergoes strict quality control, and is free from any pesticide and heavy metal residue. There is strict microbiological testing to ensure that our Bael (Agele marmelus) confirms to WHO standards.


Latin name : Aegle Marmelos

Local Name : Bael, bhel, bilwa, belaphal, Bengal Quince

Parts Used : Fruits & Leaves

Distribution : Bael tree is found throughout India in each and every place.

Introduction : Bael is a very good source of protein which is 5.12 per cent of the edible portion. Fresh half-ripe Bael fruit is mildly astringent and is used for dysentery and diarrhea. The pulp may be eaten or the decoction administered. Bael is said to cure without creating any tendency to constipation. Bael leaves, fruits and root can be used as tonic and coolant with antibiotic properties ;

Uses of Bael :

Bael leaves are extremely useful for treating Diabetes, jaundice, cholera and asthma. Bael leaves are made into a poultice and used in the treatments of ophthalmia. Bael Leaf poultice is applied to inflammations - with black pepper for edema, constipation, and jaundice - with water or honey it is good for catarrh and fever.

  • Bael roots are sweet which cures fevers caused by tridosho, stop pain in the abdomen, the palpitation of the heart, poverty of seminal fluid and all types of urinary troubles and melancholia. Bael roots and the bark of the Bael tree are used in the treatment of fever by making a decoction of them. They are also useful in the disorders of vata, pitta and kapha.

  • Bael fruits are valuable for its rich nutritive, sweet, aromatic mucilage and pectin contents very good for all kinds of stomach disorders. Bael Fruits are very useful in chronic diarrhea and dysentery, particularly in the case of patients having diarrhea, alternating with the spells of constipation. Sweet drink (sherbet) prepared from the pulp of the Bael fruits produce a soothing effect on the patients who have just recovered from bacillary dysentery.

    The pulp from unripe Bael fruits are soaked in gingelly oil for a week and this oil is smeared over the body before bathing. The unripe and half-ripe fruits improve appetite and digestion (Jain, 1968; Jauhari, 1969). As per Indian Ayurvedic concept this oil is said to be useful in removing the peculiar burning sensation in the soles. Rind is used for acute and amoebic dysentery, griping pain in the loins and constipation, gas, and colic, sprue, scurvy.

  • Peoples in South India use the juice of bael leaves to get relief from wheezing and respiratory spasm. The leaf juice is mixed in warm water with a little pepper and given as a drink.

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