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We are supplier of Basil (Holy basil) Powder, Basil Extract (Urosolic acid 2%), Organic Basil leaves and Powder, Basil capsules, and Basil tea certified organic from India, in USA. We export Basil to leading Organic Farming, Organic Processing and Private Label Manufacturers, distributors and herbal pharmaceutical companies of USA, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and European country Germany, Russia. Our Basil leaves are collected from the farmers of Tribal districts of India. Our Organic Basil is certified by USDA-NOP and Eeropean Union Organic,s. Our integrated project begins with collection of herbs, processing, extraction and marketing. This preview ensures product quality. Our Basil undergoes strict quality control and is free from pesticide or heavy metal to ensure the WHO standards. Demand for Basil leaves is popular world wide as a Health food Supplement due to its Antioxidant and Anti allergic Properties. Apart from this Holy Basil is one of the best home remedy for headache, fever, common cold, skin aliments, diabetes, vomiting and nausea.


Latin name : Ocimum Sanctum

Family : Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Local Name : St. Josephwort, Tulsi, Tulasi

Parts Used : Leaf, Whole Plant

Distribution : Organic basil Plant is found all over India especially in the garden of each Indian family.

Introduction :
Basil is an erect, herbaceous, much-branched, softly hairy plant with annual purple or crimson flowers. Basil has a rich and fanciful history. It had been 'Herb royale' to the French, a sign of love to Italians, and a sacred herb in India.

Plant Description :
Ocimum sanctum is an annual herb belonging to the mint family having least 150 varietie. The herb is an erect, erbaceous,much branched, soft hairy plant. Ocimum sanctum grows to 1-2 ft high. The toothed leaves are often purple. The flowers vary in color from white to red, sometimes with a tinge of purple, appear from June to September. Ocimum sanctum emits a spicy scent when bruised. It is believed to purify air by discharging negative ions. Holy Basil is also believed to possess spiritual powers.

Uses of Basil :
  • Basil is very much useful for increasing memory power.

  • Indians use basil in temple for worship that is decorated with flowers.

  • Basil is effective against vomiting, nausea, constipation, depression, whooping cough, headaches, fever and cold.

  • Basil is most useful with the stomach and its related organs.

  • Most of the people in India use basil for cooking, such as in tomato sauce, pesto or vinegars. Also it is sprinkled over salads and sliced tomatoes.

  • Basil leaves contain a kind of bright yellow volatile oil which is useful against insects and bacteria.

  • Our Products:
    Ocimum Sanctum

    Basil Oil: Indian Basil Oil is of watery viscosity and is pale greenish-yellow in color. Basil oil is more powerful than the plant itself. Its sweet, spicy, herbaceous and slightly campherous. The bright green oil has more uses in the kitchen and food productions. Basil Oil taste good, it refreshes mind and skin. In India it is widely used as a massage oil.

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    Basil Powder: Basil leaves are dried and ground into a powder form. In India it is use in herbal capsules by many pharmaceuticals company. These medicines are very much useful for diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Peoples in India use this powder with honey in case of throat problems like sore throat or hoarseness of voice.

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    Basil Extract: The flowery stems of Holy Basil is the medicinal part used for extraction process. The constituents contain essential oil with linalool as the main compound as well as tannins, glycosides and saponin. Holy basil known as tulsi in Ayurveda is one of the primary botanicals used in India for reducing the negative effects of stress by lowering cortisol production in the adrenals.

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