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Piper longum 

Indian Long Piper



Nature Natural Inc, USA; Piper longum Dried Fruits, Piper longum Powder certified organic from India, in USA. We are Piper longum (Pippali) suppliers to some leading Organic Farming, Organic Processing and Private Label Manufacturers, distributors and manufacturers at USA, Middle East countries, South Africa and some South East Countries. Our Piper longum certified organic from India, in USA is collected from the Tribal cultivators of India. Piper longum is cleaned, dried in our processing unit and packed in 25 Kg HDPE bags for export. Demand for Piper longum in the world market is slowing rising due to increasing Natural therapeutic use for Respiratory infection. Piper longum is also used in combination with other digestive herbs for promotion of proper Digestive, Bowel movement. Our Piper longum (Pippali) undergoes strict quality control, and is free from any pesticide and heavy metal residue. There is strict microbiological testing to ensure that our Piper longum (Pippali) confirms to WHO standards.


Latin name : Piper Longum

Family : Piperaceae

English Name : Dried Catkins

Local Name : Pippali, Indian long pepper, Pipal

Parts Used : Fruits

Distribution : It is cultivated all over India mostly on hotter parts.

Introduction :
Piper longum is of South Asian origin and is found almost all over India. Its a slender aromatic climber with perennial woody roots. Piper Longum has diverse pharmacological uses including nerve depressant and antagonistic effect on electro-shock and chemo-shock seizures as well as muscular in-coordination.

Plant Description :
Pepper long is the dried fruit of Piper longum which is a slender, aromatic plant with creeping jointed stems and perennial woody roots. Piper longum fruits are ovoid, yellowish orange, minute, drupe and are sunk in the fleshy spike. The spikes are red when ripe. Odor is aromatic and the taste is pungent.

Cultivated :
Pepper long is cultivated on a large scale in lime stone soil and in heavy rainfall areas where relative humidity is high.

Active Principle :
Pepper contains volatile oil, the crystalline alkaloids: piperine, piperidine and piperettine, and a resin. Long pepper contains the alkaloid piperine (about 6%), which is slightly higher than that in black pepper.

Uses of Piper longum :

  • Piper longum is widely used in Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine particularly for diseases of respiratory tract most of them includes cough, bronchitis, asthma etc.

  • Long pepper is locally applied to counter-irritant and act as analgesic for muscular pains and inflammation.

  • Long pepper acts as a general tonic and hematinic and widely used in Ayurveda as good rejuvenator (Rasayana).

  • Piper longum is known to enhance the bio-availability of food and drugs. In fact Piper Longum is taken along with Quinine for making it more effective.

  • Piper longum is widely used as a carminative.

  • Other Uses: Piper longum is used as a spice and also in pickles and preserves.

  • Piper Longum

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