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Organic aloe vera plant 

Aloe vera

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Nature Natural Inc., USA, low cost supplier of certified Organic USDA NOP, of Organic Aloe Vera Powder both spray dried and freeze dried, Aloe-gel, Aloe-juice, Organic Aloe Vera certified organic from India, in USA. Our integrated manufacturing project looks after the collection of herb, processing, extraction, packing and marketing. This entire previewing guarantees product quality, as we deal from herb to drug. We develop all our resources through cultivation only, which in long run will save precious natural resources and echo balance. We specialize in Aloe Vera, Organic Aloe Vera of all grades used in food and pharma industries. We supply Aloe products to various Organic Farming, Organic Processing and Private Label Manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors of USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, Australia, South East Asian countries. Demand for Aloe Products in the world market is growing as Health Nutritive Supplements, Cosmetic industry, Beverage and Wine industry. Our Organic Aloe Products undergoes strict quality control, and is free from any pesticide and heavy metal residue. Our Organic Aloe Vera is USDA-NOP and Eeropean Union Organic, Certified. There is strict microbiological testing to ensure that our Aloe products confirms to WHO standards.


Latin name : Aloe

Local Name : Aloe, Indian Aloe

Parts Used : Mostly the gels or it's extract

Distribution : Organic aloe vera is cultivated throughout India. It grow wild on the coasts of Mumbai, Gujarat and South India.

Introduction :
Aloe vera was cultivated in Egypt thousands of years ago and was used by the people of the Mediterranean at least 400 years before Christ. The plant was first introduced in India by the Arabs. Aloes have long been in use for a host of diseases, particularly those connected with the digestive system, treatment of wounds, burns and other skin troubles, eye troubles and liver ailments.

Plant Description :

A large succulent perennial plant growing up to 1.5 meters in height, with a strong fibrous root and a large stem supporting a rosette of narrow lanceolate leaves up to 60cm long. The leaves are whitish green on both sides and bear spiny teeth on the margins. The yellow to purplish drooping flowers grow in a long raceme at the top of the flower stalk. The fruit is a triangular capsule containing numerous seeds.

Benefits and uses of Aloe vera :

  • Digestive System - Organic Aloe Vera juice reduces acidity, detoxes, reduces pH levels and alleviates heartburn. Alleviates the Inflammation of the Digestive Tract that is associated with Crohn's Disease. It also alleviates Constipation.

  • Immune System - Aloe vera reduces fever, prevents detrimental Bacteria, fungus, Influenza Virus, Measles Virus.

  • Musculoskeletal System - Aloe Vera gel applied topically accelerates the healing of Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers); Decubitis Ulcers (Bed Sores); Burns; Herpes Simplex lesions; alleviates the Itching associated with Hives as well as alleviates Sunburn.

  • Cosmetic Application - Organic Aloe vera herb has been known to help in anti-wrinkle creams and make up, it is also beneficial for the hair and scalp.

  • Our Aloe vera Products :

    Aloe vera Gel - Aloe Vera gel is a most ingenious mixture of an antibiotic, an astringent coagulating agent, a pain inhibitor and a growth stimulator also called a "wound hormone", whose function is to accelerate the healing of injured surfaces. Aloe Vera Gel is an aid to growing new tissue and alleviating the advance of skin cancer caused by the sun.

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    Organic Aloe vera Juice - Most consumers today use aloe vera as a health-promoting cosmetic and pharmaceutical product. Aloe vera juice is an ingredient in many commercial topical creams, lotions and shampoos. Aloe vera juice can also be taken internally as juice or with water as an addition to the diet.

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    Aloe vera Latex - From the two components of the aloe plant that are used medicinally, is a bitter yellow latex exudate, produced by cells just under the skin of an aloe leaf. This is known as drug aloes and is an irritant laxative. Drug aloes was introduced to India by the Arabs; to treat constipation. The aloe vera latex, is taken from specialized cells along the inner leaf skin called the pericyclic tubules. The latex is extracted as a liquid, then dried into a yellow powder. Because it's such a potent laxative, the latex is not usually used alone but combined with gentler herbs, such as cascara sagrada.

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