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Nature Natural Inc, USA; Neem Dried Leaves, Neem dried leaf Powder of different mesh size (Customized), Neem extract Powder, Neem Oil (Bio Pesticide), Neem cake (Bio manure), Neem Cosmetics, Neem supplement (Capsules) certified organic from India, in USA. We are Neem suppliers to some leading Organic Farming, Organic Processing and Private Label Manufacturers, distributors and manufacturers at Canada, USA, German, Japan and some South East Countries. Our Neem certified organic from India, in USA is collected from the wild forest by the Tribal of from India in USA, then cleaned, dried in our processing unit and packed in 25 Kg HDPF bags for export. Demand for Neem in the world market is growing due to increasing awareness for chemical free food and better ecological approaches to pest control along with supportive research into the use of neem extracts in Argo-Industry. Neem has also wide applicability in cosmetics, food supplements, pharmacy and beverage. Our Neem undergoes strict quality control, and is free from any pesticide and heavy metal residue. There is strict microbiological testing to ensure that our Neem confirms to WHO standards.


Latin name : Azadiracta indica

Local Name : Neem, Nim

Parts Used : Leaves and Fruits

Distribution : Organic Neem is cultivated throughout India. It is found widely in deciduous forests of India.

Introduction :
The Neem tree has been known as the wonder tree for centuries in the Indian subcontinent. Neem has become important in the global context today for its variety of medicinal uses.

Uses of various Neem products :

  • Neem extract which have Nimbinin and Nimbandiol as active constituents possess a significant blood sugar lowering effect, which are very useful against diabetes.

  • Neem extract have been shown to reduce clotting, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, slow rapid heartbeat and inhibit irregularities of the rhythms of the heart. Besides due to it's active constituents and owing to it's high bioavailability than any other products of Neem, it is used either in medicine or in capsulated form to combat a great number of diseases like Athritis, Skin diseases and a number of digestive disorders including Gastritis and Ulceration. Recent researches shows it's anti-carcinogenic effect also.

  • Perhaps Neem's most touted advantage is the effect it has upon the skin. Neem Powder is excellent for cosmetic purposes such as face wash powders. Besides Neem powder checks cholesterol, treats athritis due to anti-inflamatory actions, acts as a mosquito repellant and in long term use it acts as a immuno modulator.

  • Neem Oil is very effective in treating skin disorders. Due to its mousterizing effect and anti-microbial property, Neem Oil is used in treating skin aliments like psoriasis, eczema etc and also used as a beauty concept for the same. Besides, Neem Oil is also used as a broad spectrum pesticide.

  • Neem Cake is an excellent organic fertilizer. The high Azadirachtin content in Neem Cake protects crops against parasite and enriches the soil. Neem cake has a broad spectrum of action active on more than 200 species of pests. Besides, it is harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, honey bees, mammals and other vertebrates.

  • Our Neem Products :

    Neem Powder (Extract) - Neem powder is very effective for protecting crops from a wide range of pests. Neem powder can also be used as a soil treatment for controlling nematodes, especially in nurseries. We produce some of the best quality Neem Powder(Extracts) Herbal Supplements, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Formulations.

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    Neem Oil - Neem Oil is used to protect plants and crops against pests. It is effective against insecticide-resistant pests, highly environmentally compatible, non-toxic to mammals and birds, and does not affect beneficial insects. Neem Oil is ideal for integrated pest management programs. We supply one of the best quality Neem Oil available.

    Azadiracta indica
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    Neem Cake - Neem Cake is an excellent organic fertilizer. Indian farmers have traditionally used de-oiled Neem Cake as a fertilizer in their fields. Neem Cake has been used throughout India for many centuries as a soil amendment. The high Azadirachtin content in Neem Cake protects crops against parasite and enriches the soil. The Neem Cake is ploughed into the soil as it protects plant roots from Nematodes and white ants. Farmers in southern parts of India use Neem Cake into flooded rice fields before the rice seedling are transplanted.


    Organic Manure: Neem Cake The dual activity of Neem cake as manure and pest repellent has made it a favored input. When Neem cake is ploughed into the soil it also protects plant roots from soil insects, nematodes and white ants. Neem seed cake can also reduce alkalinity in the soil by producing organic acids when mixed with the soil. The calcium and magnesium present in Neem cake also aid in removing alkalinity.

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